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Lot of 2 TFS-780H Mid-High Enclosures

Lot of 2 TFS-780H Mid-High Enclosures
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Lot of 2 TFS-780H Mid-High Enclosures
Lot of 2 TFS-780H Mid-High Enclosures
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TFS-780H mid-high enclosure

The TFS-780H enclosure covers frequencies above 150 Hz and contains three drive units. A large TurboMid device containing a very powerful 12" driver covers frequencies from 150Hz to 1.3kHz. A smaller TurboMid device containing a specially developed 6½" cone driver covers the range from 1.3kHz to 8kHz. The remaining frequencies above 8kHz are covered by a 1" compression driver on a waveguide horn specifically designed for this purpose. All three drive systems are designed to have a narrow dispersion angle of 25º horizontal x 25º vertical.

This high Q provides the projection necessary for true long throw applications such as large arena and outdoor productions.


The TFS-780H uses very narrow dispersion pattern components. These are further developments of Turbosound's Proportional Directivity in a very high-Q enclosure and enables seamless coverage over a massive area with anything from 1/2 to 1/4 the number of conventional enclosures, depending on the distance from the array. In reality this also means that many applications that would normally require distributed delays will no longer need them.

The loudspeakers are divided into two uniformly sized enclosures: the TFS-780L and the TFS-780H. The TFS-780L covers the low frequencies in the range 30 - 150Hz and contains a 21" loudspeaker with a 6" voice coil, loaded with a TurboBass device. The TFS-780H consists of two specially developed long-throw TurboMid devices, and a high-Q 25mm (1") waveguide horn. The larger TurboMid device is driven by a very powerful 12" loudspeaker and covers the frequency range between 150Hz and 1k3Hz. The smaller TurboMid device is fitted with an intensively developed 6.5" cone loudspeaker covering the frequency range between 1k3Hz and 8kHz. This combination of TurboMid devices represents an unprecedented step in the use of cone-type transducers up to 8kHz, resulting in increased reliability and power handling and a startling improvement in acoustic clarity and detail over any compression driver working in the same band. This leaves the remaining frequencies (8kHz - 20kHz) to be easily handled by a custom 1” (25mm) compression driver.