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Art2000i Installation Hot Power Racks

Art2000i Installation Hot Power Racks
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Art2000i Installation Hot Power Racks
Art2000i Installation Hot Power Racks
Art2000i Installation Hot Power Racks
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We are selling a Avolites Art2000i installation Hot power racks, including the patch upgrade.

Removed from a London venue, in good used condition. Cleaned and checked by us these dimmers have years of service left in them.

No longer available from Avolites.

2 Available, We also have 2  Art2000i Dimmer  cabinets, with patch.

24 way patchable hot power. Rated at 16 amps per channel.

Pricing plus UK VAT @ 20%

RCD protected per 12 channels.


The ART2000i is designed using the knowledge gained in manufacturing tens of thousands of channels of touring dimming, this install system combines the robustness of design from a touring system with the economy of a system which does not need to move.

Care has gone into the design to ensure it is easy and flexible to install and you can be confident in the knowledge that using the ART2000i in any install design will make the installers job fast as well as giving the client trouble free operation for years to come.

The optional integral patching expands the possibilities of ART2000 including that of a mixture of touring and install systems, enabling a smaller number of install channels with the knowledge that additional channels can be hired in or purchased as touring systems for larger productions.

For installers this means less work having to make or buy a custom patch option, which reduces the over system cost to the client.

The ART200i is based on a master frame containing 2 dimmer modules  and an optional expansion module that can add another two modules. Then module channel options are:

  • 16amp 12 channel continuously rated dimming module with 250uS rise time
  • 16amp 12 channel switch module for powering moving lights or other equipment.
  • 16amp 12 Channel Contactor module, allowing remote switching of ballasted fixtures
  • 32amp 6 channel continuously rated dimming module with 250uS rise time

These modules can be mixed in a system, allowing for a maximum of 48 channels of  16A A to 24 channels of 32A all under a single control.

The exact specification you need can be built using a number of standard parts, these are listed at the end of the document but please contact us to ensure the most optimum system is put together.

Each frame has a dedicated mains inlet, allowing for easy retrofit in venues with smaller mains supplies already fitted. Each frame can have a mains isolator switch in the cases where the installed mains controls are further away.

Each modules can be protected with a 30mA RCB allowing for maximum safety.

The design incorporates full monitoring and status feedback via the backlit LCD display. Static state environments are catered for using the front panel control. Further 12 memories can be recorded for later replaying either as a simple show in the event a console is not available.

Other features include full DMX patch and merge (2 DMX lines), dimmer curve and limit selection per channel, power OK indicators .

The 'Load Check' and “Breaker status” of each channel is  indicated on the LCD screen to give a positive feedback about the system status.

Even though the install system will never move, the whole system is constructed to the tough, high-quality design-and-build specifications of all other Avolites products.