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24 x 2.4k Sensor+ Installation Rack

24 x 2.4k Sensor+ Installation Rack
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Used but only has minor nicks and scratches.
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24 x 2.4k Sensor+ Installation Rack
24 x 2.4k Sensor+ Installation Rack
24 x 2.4k Sensor+ Installation Rack
24 x 2.4k Sensor+ Installation Rack
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This ETC Sensor Plus Install Rack was removed a Vegas casino a few years ago. It is a SR 12 PLUS and comes fully loaded with 12 D20 modules for 24 dimmers. It has the newer CEM+ control.

The factory ID tag fell off (as they often do) so we can’t confirm the build date. The date stamp on the modules is fuzzy, but they appear to be 2010.

We have cleaned and tested this rack and it responds on DMX inputs A and B as well as accepting keypad commands. The rack is in outstanding condition with almost no cosmetic wear. There are no wiring holes in the sides. It has one 3/4” hole in the bottom but the top is a little messy. It appears that at one point they changed their mind on the conduits and put a patch over the original holes and then put holes in the patch.

About us – we’re a small production company located in the middle of nowhere in Western Pennsylvania, halfway between Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo, NY. We’d rather live somewhere we love and drive long distances to gigs than suffer in a metropolitan area with no wildlife in sight. We have been working with used ETC systems for over 10 years and usually get two or three a year. You have your choice of shipping options. Option is to ship in a crate, lying sitting upright. All modules will be removed, bubble wrapped and placed in boxes alongside the rack. We do not charge extra for this (but the weight of the crate does add 40 pounds). If you want to save a few bucks on the shipping cost we can skip the crate and shrink wrap, but do so at your own risk.  You, of course, are welcome to come pick this up and see it working before we load it. Schedule an extra day so you can kayak the river that runs through town, ride on the rail trail and go hiking in the Allegheny National Forest!


ETC's Sensor+ dimming systems are the performance standard for top theaters, TV studios, and concert halls worldwide. Because a complete range of Sensor+ racks are available, smaller venues like schools and community theaters can also afford Sensor+ excellence. Modularity means configurability: mix and match the modules in the racks according to your particular fixture inventory. And the elegant and compact modular design lets you slide up to 48 modules for up to 96 channels of 2.4kW dimming in and out of a single Sensor+ rack – without tools! And you can take advantage of ETC's innovative Dimmer Doubling™ (twice the control, half the circuits!) and save even further on dimmer costs. Adding the optional SmartLink Power Board to any Sensor+ Installation Rack allows easy, plug-and-play control of presets via architectural control stations.

The browser interface, Sensor+ Connect, accesses all of the functions of the Control Electronics Module (CEM+) from a laptop or networked computer. This interface monitors what is happening at the rack, and provides the means to configure the rack, select dimmer modes, record or activate playbacks – plus a whole lot more.

Advanced Features (AF) racks take dimmer monitoring one step further by providing dimmer-specific information such as load changes, lamp failures or breaker trips. Sensor AF dimmer modules contain embedded current and voltage sensors, which are constantly monitored and analyzed to diagnose and report dimmer-specific faults.