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Blacklight UV 703 Fresnel

Blacklight UV 703 Fresnel

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by Altman in Lighting & Effects \ Blacklight/UV Fixtures
ID: 132880 | Region: US - Southeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Altman UV 703 Blacklight A 48 hour warranty is included ...
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The Altman UV-703 is a compact, high output blacklight fresnel. It is designed to provide high intensity illumination of fluorescent materials at distances up to 150 feet. The fixture does not require any fans for cooling, resulting in extremely quiet operation. The fixture is equipped with barndoor rollers and an integral wire mesh safety screen in front of the lens. The ballast is simple to operate with a single on/off switch. A special fresnel lens filters out harmful UV-B and UV-C wavelengths and almost all visible light.