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Micro Gobo

Micro Gobo

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Micro Gobo
Micro Gobo
Micro Gobo
Micro Gobo
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by American DJ in Lighting & Effects \ Lasers
ID: 126976 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: New | Warranty: Factory
AMER-DJ MICRO GOBO, Part #: 171926. These items are part of a distributors slow moving inventory. Please contact your GearSource Sales Representative for more information....
1 Available


Get the party started with the Micro Gobo from ADJ. Your party goers will be having the time of their lives as they dance about laser formed shapes. Visualize the beat with the note shaped gobo, spread the love with the heart shape, or really dazzle the crowd with an amazing array of stars in green and red. Whether you're working from home, or at a club or on the road, you'll have no trouble moving the Micro Gobo and getting it set up with all the easy to use features it fits into the palm of your hand. Start throwing parties to remember in no time with the Micro Gobo, at such an awesome price you can't pass it up. Fill any night with laser light with ADJ's Micro Gobo.