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Tough Bag WiFLY

Tough Bag WiFLY

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Tough Bag WiFLY
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by American DJ in More \ Cases
ID: 119406 | Region: US - Southwest
Condition: New | Warranty: Factory
TOUGH BAG WIFLY SEMI HARD CASE, Model #: TOU436. Durable semi hard case for 4 x WiFly pars and other similar sized products, wheels and pull handle : Items are new in the factory box and come with a full factory warranty. Please contact your GearSource Sa...
24 Available


The Tough Bag series of storage and transportation cases offer a useful hybrid between a bag and a road case. These durable semi-hard cases are lightweight like bags, but are rigid and offer much better protection for the equipment stored inside. This latest addition to the series, the Tough Bag WiFLY, features five separate interior spaces designed specifically to accommodate four WiFLY pars together with a controller. 

Not only can the Tough Bag WiFLY offer protection to your fixtures, and also make them easier to transport, it will also help to keep them clean between events. The lid is secured in place by a zip that runs all around the case, keeping the equipment stored inside safely sealed away from dust and grime. Two straps are also built into the case, which buckle closed after the zip is sealed for added protection.

The case itself is manufactured from tough fabric enclosing a rigid shell and all eight corners are reinforced for added protection. The internal compartments are also padded to ensure that the fixtures stored inside are held securely in place and protected from bumps, knocks and scrapes.