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AD-8000 A/D Converter

AD-8000 A/D Converter

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Why outboard converters? In most equipment the converter is just another component. At Apogee, however, we ensure that our converters deliver the best-sounding digital signals possible with today´s technology. No built-in converter can match the superb quality and detail of an Apogee. And now, with all the features of the AD-8000, an outboard converter is no longer an option - it´s essential. The better the converter, the better the sound. There´s no more important link in the digital recording chain than the A/D converter that takes your original analog input signal and converts it into digital information. The higher the quality of the A/D converter, the better the sound. It´s as simple as that. The Apogee AD-8000 takes digital conversion to a whole new level. It´s a true 24-bit converter, with 114 dB of dynamic range and al the features you need for truly outstanding, great-sounding world-class recordings, wheter you own the biggest studio in town, a leading post-production facility, or simply have a project setup in your back room.