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SA-3050A Audio Analyzer

SA-3050A Audio Analyzer

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by AudioControl in Pro Audio \ Solutions & Feedback Control
ID: 122038 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
The Sa-3050a is a microprocessor-controlled, one-third octave, real time spectrum analyzer. It is affordable, rugged, reliable, easy to use, fast to setup, and designed and manufactured by audio enthusiasts who have been building spectrum analyzers for tw...
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2 Available


The Audio Control SA- 3050A is an audio analyzer. The device measures the frequency response to sound pressure levels in audio systems. It is manufactured by the company, Audio Control.

The Audio Control SA-3050 Real Time Analyzer functions in one-third octave and allows users to measures sound levels. In addition, the SA-3040 allows custom installers to analyze acoustics which bring advanced features into the comfort of your home.

The SA-3050 has various unique features including a compact size, internal battery pack and charger which makes the unit portable. In addition, the device has various SPL functions, a pink noise generator and calibrated microphone.