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CM Labs SixtyFour sits between all your Pro Tools analog inputs/outputs and the rest of your analog studio gear. With the SixtyFour you create a patch-cord-free fully automated studio. All of your instrument, mic preamp, DAT, outboard effects and Pro Tools line outputs are fed into the source inputs of the SixtyFour. The outputs of the SixtyFour are fed into your speakers, headphones, dubbing machines, outboard gear and Pro Tools inputs.

Use the SixtyFour to configure both the routing and level settings for your studio and save them to one of the SixtyFour’s 90 memories. During tracking, set up a memory to patch mic preamps or instrument inputs into your Pro Tools analog inputs and turn off the studio speakers. Set up another memory for studio playback with input sources off. The metering system is indispensable for studio alignment, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Our MotorMate and Dashboard can both be remote command stations for Pro Tools and the SixtyFour.