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Stage Opera 82.15 3 Way Powered Speakers

Stage Opera 82.15 3 Way Powered Speakers

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After the great success of the active models of the OPERA series, the obvious thing to do was to put the know-how gained into effect in larger more powerful systems. Active systems enjoy great popularity and not without reason: The possibility of being able to tune output stage and loudspeaker system perfectly to each other, and the use of active separation of the output stages for each path, allows unequaled sound at the highest level of effectiveness.

Class H output stages are used exclusively as the drive; they are convincing due to their high efficiency and low heat generation and guarantee high reliability.

The 2 way model 42.12 is driven by a class H BiAmping output stage with 300 W/RMS for the two 12” woofers and 100 W/RMS for the 1” driver.

The 3 way model 82.15 (2 x 15”, 6.5”, 1”) is driven by a TriAmp output stage with 500 W/RMS for the two 15” woofers, 200 W/RMS for the B&C 6.5” medium volume loudspeaker and 100 W/RMS for the1” B&C pressure chamber driver.

Due to the specially developed constant directivity horns designed to fit into the housing, the high-grade B&C drivers achieve a very clean radiation characteristic with angle of 90° x 60°. Thus for smaller set-ups an adequate radiation is already guaranteed with two systems.

The 3 way model 82.15 shows its true strengths mainly in the mid to high frequency area. The 6.5” B&C loudspeaker with phase plug exhibits a unique soft and natural middle range with high speech clarity, which, due more to the special horn adaptor, achieves a long throw. Due to the reduced strain on the 1” driver in the mid frequencies, this exhibits an extremely smooth response.

All active STAGE OPERA models are fitted with a dynamic limiter, which protects the system from overload and STAGE OPERA engages softly, virtually inaudibly