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Cobra 4 Loudspeaker System

Cobra 4 Loudspeaker System

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by Dynacord in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems
ID: 69873 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Package of Dynacord Cobra 4 with:  4x Cobra 4 Tops  2x Cobra 4 Far  8x Cobra PWH 2x Racks with 3x Crown CE4000 and 1x EV DX 38 All Cables of the system In very good condition....
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1 Available
by Dynacord in Pro Audio \ Concert Sound Systems
ID: 108437 | Region: Europe
Condition: Excellent | Warranty: 30 Days
Dynacord:(4) V 28 PWH (9)F 17 PWH (2)XA 2600 (1)L 1600...
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1 Available
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The active 4-way COBRA-4 SYSTEM is designed to project over distances of up to 80 metres in medium-sized marquees, halls and open-air venues and produces SPLs at the FOH position, 30 metres from the stage, of 110 dB in the medium-and high-frequency ranges and up to 120 dB in the bass. Through the use of two COBRA-4 TOPs and a COBRA-4 FAR, optimal line-array performance can be achieved without timeconsuming tinkering. With the COBRA-4 SYSTEM, in the vicinity of the PA, the vertical coverage angle in the high frequency range is particularly wide, to cover the areas directly in front of the stage. To project over long distances,a COBRA-4 FAR, which has a coverage pattern of 90° x 5° in the high frequency range, is positioned at the top of the array. For the low frequency range and the midrange, the same components are used as in the COBRA-4 TOP, so the low and midrange line array continues in an unbroken line. In all, eight COBRA PWH bass horns are used to generate the sound pressure levels and projection typically required by Top Forty bands and these can be stacked or arrayed as dictated by the architecture of the room. The COBRA-4 SYSTEM is driven by two ready-cabled and programmed CSR-4 amp racks with a DSP 244 controller, two L 2400 power amplifiers and a CP-84 connector panel.