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DTI 2000 Digital Telephone Interface

DTI 2000 Digital Telephone Interface

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by Dynacord in Pro Audio \ Communication Components
ID: 126650 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: New | Warranty: Factory
DYNACORD DTI2000 INTERFACE TELEPHONE PAGING INTF, Part #: 52238. These items are part of a distributors slow moving inventory. Please contact your GearSource Sales Representative for more information....
1 Available


The DTI 2000 is a microprocessor-controlled, freely configurable telephone interface for connecting PROMATRIX Systems to a telephone installation or the phone network. The DTI 2000 allows making announcements via the speaker system installation from any telephone set. Remotely triggering signals, prerecorded text messages and control functions (macros) within the PROMATRIX system is also possible via phone connection.

The DTI 2000 is controlled via DTMF-tones (tone dial mode) and needs to be connected to an analog telephone jack socket. Using the supplied cable, the telephone interface also needs to be connected to a paging console input of the DPM 4000. This interface transmits the serial communication protocol data as well as the audio LF-signals. That’s why the DTI 2000 appears on the DPM 4000 as "special paging station”, which allows configuring the DTI 2000 by means of the PROMATRIX Designer software set to paging console dialog mode.