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GAMSpin DMX Power Supply

GAMSpin DMX Power Supply

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The GAMSpin indexable power supply provides power and the control signal for up to 8 GAM Indexable TwinSpin or SX4 Gobo Tray units. Please see separate instructions for their operation.

The GAM indexable TwinSpins have 8 modes of operation which are controlled by and require a DMX-512 signal. In addition there are four, pre-programmed, stand-alone modes (0,5,6 & 7) that require only a 24 volt supply and no control signal.

The GAMSpin Power Supply Unit (PSU) powers the TwinSpins via the 4-pin XLR output. The control signal is fed into the power supply and re-routed to the output connector.1 Up to 8 units can be powered by one PSU via a "daisy chain" - each unit in series using the input and output connectors on the individual rotators (as is the practice with all DMX controlled equipment). Use 4-wire, 4-pin XLR cable.2 Connect the PSU to the first rotator, then use the output from the first to feed the second, and continue the "daisy chain" through any additional units.

Connect the DMX signal to the PSU input using standard DMX czable (5-wire, 5-pin XLR).

You may connect the DMX-512 thru to other PSU's, dimmers or color changers if needed.