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Horizon MS-4 Mic Splitter

Horizon MS-4 Mic Splitter

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by Rapco in Pro Audio \ Splitters & Switchers
ID: 118730 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: Factory
Horizon Mic Splitter. 4 channels w/ Lift and Pad....
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3 Available


RapcoHoriozn MS-4 Rackmount 4-channel splitter is designed for use in both live and studio applications, and anytime you require multiple mixes.  This rugged, single space rack unit is built with a steel chassis for superior shielding and durability.  Each channel provides an XLR female input, one transformer isolated XLR male output, and a direct (non-isolated) XLR male output.  The transformer isolation allows multiple splits without the undesirable effects of impedance drop or DC voltage leak between consoles or recording devices.