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KM5000 Multi-Format Component Cigital Vision Mixer

KM5000 Multi-Format Component Cigital Vision Mixer

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by JVC in Video Equipment \ Switching & Misc - Non HD
ID: 72093 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
JVC KM5000  Component Digital Vision Mixer Controller + rackunit, well maintained / serviced unit, no faults. 1 x SDI in / 3 x SDI out 6 x Component in, 2 x OUT 4 x Video in, 4x OUT 2 x KEY in, 1 x OUT  ...
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• Exceptional picture quality from component digital processing (CCIR Rec 601 4:2:2 digital format)
• Four different input modules available for various applications: component analog, component parallel digital (Rec 656), component serial digital (Rec 656), and composite analog (PAL)
• Up to 14 primary inputs are possible, including color bar and back color (input modules optional)
• Up to 7 busses (KEY, PGM, PST, DSK, DSK BKGD, AUX1, AUX2) (AUX1 and AUX2 optional)
• Three slots for PGM output
• 16-event memory
• Serial interface for VTR editors (RS-422A)
• 2-unit modular design: main unit and control unit
• 6 color matte generators
• DVE interface possible
• Linear key processing
• All input chroma key for KEY and DSK (standard)
• Priority change capability between KEY and DSK
• Border generator: border, shadow, outline for KEY and DSK (standard)
• Auto digital input phase correction (+/-64 us)