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Softled LED Light Curtain Wall

Softled LED Light Curtain Wall

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by Mainlight in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls
ID: 60488 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
High Resolution LED Curtain from Main Light. It contains the following: 2 – 8x32 Panels (4” on center) 2 – Power Supplies (1 for each panel) 1 – Video Display Unit Items are in great condition, only used 3 times....
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1 Available
by Mainlight in Video Equipment \ Complete LED Video Walls
ID: 46397 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Soft-LED™ is an innovative, fully color capable, LED curtain that performs like a video wall and hangs like a curtain. It produces animated, dynamic scenery that can be used as a backdrop or screen surround. Accepting either a VGA, composite, or S-Video s...
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Soft-LED Dynamic Video Drapery

Soft-LED is a dynamic drapery based on advanced solid-state illumination technologies and control sytems.

24-bit True Color
Capable of displaying over 16 million different colors, Soft-LED's dramatic effects are made possible by Color Kinetics’ proven solid-state illumination technologies arranged into a grid of tri-color RGB LED nodes.

Made of high-quality IFR black drapery
Soft-LED's face material is designed with ENCORE™, the most popular synthetic velour in the entertainment industry. This 22oz medium weight polyester is totally opaque, durable and wrinkle resistant. Ideal for outdoor venues and high humidity climates, and because it doesn't hold wrinkles, it's great for touring shows.

Designed for easy transport and simple setup
Soft-LED breaks down to a compact, lightweight unit that fits in a single road case. The power/data supplies and controllers are also cleanly integrated into compact road cases ready to plug and play. The entire Soft-LED system is delivered fully operational and ready to hang so it goes from inspiration to implementation in no time.