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LE1200 Stage Monitor

LE1200 Stage Monitor

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by Martin Audio in Pro Audio \ Monitors: Stage
ID: 132535 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
As good as new, 1 set left. set includes 1 case with 2 floormonitors....
1 Available


The Martin Audio LE1200 is an ultra-compact, high performance stage monitor which combines maximum enclosure volume with optimum presentation angle in a low profile, contemporary design. It features a high-specification 12" (300mm) low frequency drive unit and a 1.4" (35mm) exit compression driver mounted on a differential dispersion horn. Differential dispersion technology increases the area over which a constant SPL and consistent frequency response is maintained at ear height, enabling the artist to move around more freely. Driven actively, the LE1200 is best used with the DX1 controller to provide crossover, limiting and EQ functions. When operated in passive mode the LE1200, may be used without a controller, but benefits from the EQ and limiting functions of the DX1. This also ensures that both active and passive configurations will exhibit the same tonal balance when used together on stage.