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Stage Cyclo

Stage Cyclo

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by Martin in Lighting & Effects \ Strip/Border Lights
ID: 131468 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Professionally maintained and teched prior to shipment....
6 Available


The Stage Cyclo is an RGB, fluorescent color-changing luminaire that provides soft, even illumination for stage applications. Simple to use, powerfully bright and absolutely noiseless, the Stage Cyclo is also ideal for TV studio and theater sets.

A parabolic louver reflector provides maximum light output with minimum heat making the Stage Cyclo perfect for close set applications

Both 3 and 5 pin XLR and RJ45 sockets are provided on the fixture for connection to the DMX data control signal

With four 54W fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue and white, (with the possibility for any customized color) the Stage Cyclo has a full color mixing capability

Total mounting flexibility is given through the standard Martin Omega sockets which are placed on the top, back and ends of the Stage Cyclo

A patent pending optical system gives a brilliant 55 degree beam angle with an even light distribution

Additional accessories such as frosting lenses and barndoors can be easily attached to the front of the Stage Cyclo

The lightweight Stage Cyclo has a sturdy carrying handle for ease in transport

Two retractable legs can be easily set to various angles when placing fixtures on the floor for up-lighting set pieces

Sturdy rubber ends provide the Stage Cyclo with thorough protection against the rigors of production work

Clever and exact placement of Omega sockets allows banks of fixtures to be constructed with speed and simplicity both horizontally and vertically

An in-built and protected dip switch panel enables fast addressing of each fixture