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DL471 DSP Audio Processor for Midas XL8

DL471 DSP Audio Processor for Midas XL8

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by Midas in Pro Audio \ System Processors
ID: 116897 | Region: US - Southwest
Condition: Good | Warranty: 30 Days
Clearing out our storage of all unused gear. We are a house of worship, so these were used primarily on Sundays, as well as occasional mid week events. The Midas DL471 is an XL8 Audio System digital signal processor housed in a 1U 19” rackmount chassis, a...
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20 Available


The Midas DL471 is a 1U 19" rack unit, which forms part of the XL8 modular DSP engine. The DL471 features its own discrete power supply, AES50 and Ethernet interfaces, as well as a dual, ultra high-speed, contra-rotating and self-healing data loop for direct processor-to-processor communications.

Midas XL8 Features

  • Dual redundant AES50 ports
  • Dual redundant Ethernet ports
  • Advanced FPGA architecture