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DDS Rack Dimmer

DDS Rack Dimmer

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NSI 32 channel Dimmer Rack With Hot Patch
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by NSI in Lighting & Effects \ Dimming
ID: 94916 | Region: US - Southeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
NSI 32 channel Dimmer Rack With Hot Patch. This is some of the cleanest preowned equipment on the Gear Source Website. Items are coming from a corporate AV company in which the equipment has been expertly maintained and never cross rented...
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2 Available


DDS digital dimming systems combine rugged portability with high caliber performance for a variety of applications.

The DDS series provides NSI Micro-Plex, along with 0-10VDC analog control capability. DMX512 is an available option for control of up to 512 dimmer channels.

The DDS products may be assigned by channel to act as dimmers or as a relay for on/off operation of lights or motorized devices.

The DDS series of digital dimming systems are offered in a variety of configurations of power and capacity to meet every individual need.

All DDS Dimmers have built-in chase effects for stand alone operation for all display type applications