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PixelPar 44 RGBA Parcan

PixelPar 44 RGBA Parcan

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PixelPar 44 RGBA Parcan
PixelPar 44 RGBA Parcan
PixelPar 44 RGBA Parcan
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by Pixel Range in Lighting & Effects \ LED Lighting
ID: 111398 | Region: US - Southwest
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
LED par with 44 high-intensity Cree RGBA LEDs.  Fixture includes 1 40° lens and safety.  7 are upgraded LEDs....
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14 Available


PixelPar 44 is a RGBA parcan featuring 44 high intensity K2 Luxeon LEDs. PixelPar 44 offers all the benefits of a traditional parcan, but allows additional usage creativity due to the long lasting LED light source and vast colour palette. Ideal for lighting stages, theatrical sets, TV and structures in difficult locations. IP20 rated, exceptional longevity and very low power consumption.

• New smooth dimmer curve emulates dimming of a tungsten lamp  
• 44 high intensity Luxeon emitters  
• Red, Green, Blue, Amber K2 Luxeon LEDs  
• Custom LED arrays by request  
• 4.2 billion colour combinations  
• Beam angle 8° as standard, other beam angles available to order  
• Light shaping diffusing lenses available to vary output beam angle  
• Provides a choice of dimmer curves: standard, TV and tungsten  
• Pre-programmed with 2 overlapping sets of effects, each with 31 patterns  
• DMX512 digital input/output with 8 or 16 bit RGB and RGBA modes  
• Provides an alternative projection medium for video manipulation software  
• Factory reset option  
• Control via external source or stand alone master/slave  
• PowerCon 20A chassis mounted input and output sockets fitted as standard  
• Scrolling display shows fixture status  
• Auto setting power input 100 - 250 vac  
• Low power consumption (127watts at full intensity) virtually no heat generated  
• Internal ultra quiet cooling system  
• Robust metal construction  
• Fully daisy chainable  
• Black powder coated as standard, other colours available to order  
• Size 173mm (6.8") length x 273mm (10.7") width x 322mm (12.6") height  
• Weight 6.8kg (15lbs)  
• IP20 rated  
• UL approved product available