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PMD351 Combination CD Player/Cassette Deck

PMD351 Combination CD Player/Cassette Deck

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by Marantz in Pro Audio \ Playback Devices
ID: 126851 | Region: US - Northeast
Condition: New | Warranty: Factory
MARANTZ PMD351 DISCONTINUED use tascam cc-222slmkii, Part #: 5635. These items are part of a distributors slow moving inventory. Please contact your GearSource Sales Representative for more information....
1 Available


The PMD351 by Marantz offers the audio professional the most comprehensive package to date, featuring Marantz quality and performance in a space saving design. It offers specialized performance features including fully independent operation and outputs of the CD and cassette deck, separate pitch controls of ±12%, and headphone monitor select (Tape/CD/Tape+CD).

The tape section of the PMD351 offers optically sensing quick auto-reverse for minimal loss of audio when recording or playing back, stereo microphone inputs, and Automatic Level Control-(ALC) that ensures a good recording level is attained when recording from the microphone or the line level inputs.

The CD section of the PMD351 includes dual memo points (A-B) that allows continuous play between two selected points, one-track play programming that plays a single track then stops automatically, and a mode to continually display remaining track time.

The PMD351 has a one-piece (3U) front panel for stability, heavy duty controls, and the look and feel desired by professionals.

For Church applications, the PMD351 offers many great features. The pitch control is a valuable tool in choir tuning and with Automatic Level Control, recording from a mixer or microphone can be worry free. Space is saved by having two separate sources in one unit and versatility is gained by having outputs for both sources and a mix output that allows both sources to be played from one output. The Headphone jack, CD track mode (single track play) and optional Infra Red remote control are also valuable assets.