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ProVerb Digital Signal Processor

ProVerb Digital Signal Processor

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by ART in Pro Audio \ Reverbs
ID: 96227 | Region: US - Southwest
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
*DOES NOT TURN ON* Genuine VINTAGE, classic digital reverb - True stereo operation - MIDI preset change control - Soft bypass - Wet/Dry MIX control...
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1 Available


The ART ProVerb establishes  a new milestone in the are of high quality cost effective professional digital reverberation. Packed in a single high rack are 100 presets covering the full range of natural stereo reverberation and a variety of special effects. All controls and PRESET information are available on the front panel for permanent rack mounting with remote control via MIDI.

The ProVerb is a true digital signal processor designed specifically for fast and accurate audio signal processing. Its unique internal architecture lets the ProVerb perform more complex calculations per instructions at a rate of 6 million per second!