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RAVE 188S-24 RAVE Systems

RAVE 188S-24 RAVE Systems

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RAVE™ is a revolutionary signal transport system that allows you to route multiple channels of audio over standard Ethernet hardware and cabling. A single RAVE network can now replace hundreds of audio cables, dramatically reducing installation time, effort and cabling costs while improving routing flexibility and audio performance. RAVE is the ideal audio transport system for arenas, theatres, broadcast facilities, and other applications requiring multiple channels routed over long distances free of noise and hum. Large sound systems often require routing dozens of audio channels over long distances to multiple locations. Analog technology requires a separate line for each channel, leading to large cables and conduits, and time-intensive installations. Analog cabling can be a nightmare - prone to errors and subject to interference and noise. It's also time consuming to design and install, as well as difficult to re-route and reconfigure. Cable, conduit, termination and labor costs can be the single largest expense of a system. RAVE is a digital audio transport system employing CobraNet™ technology licensed from Peak Audio, a Division of Cirrus Logic. This assures compatibility with all other CobraNet-licensed products - avoiding the limitations imposed by closed-end, proprietary network audio systems. RAVE transports audio signals over Fast Ethernet networking components in an uncompressed 48 kHz digital format in resolutions of 16, 20 or 24 bit. Using standard network hardware and physical media, a RAVE system has a maximum capacity of 64 audio channels on a 100BASE-TX segment and the ability to support hundreds of audio channels on a switched Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network). A RAVE device can be configured by either the front panel switches or via software. You can quickly design a RAVE network right out of the box by simple configuration via the front panel switches. In software mode, RAVE offers an even greater array of configuration options - accessible via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Such features include complex audio mapping, audio channel duplication, device timing prioritization, and more. Once the device is configured, parameters can be written into permanent memory. RAVE can provide great economies over conventional wiring methods, yielding significant time and cost savings in the reduction of cabling infrastructure. With six models available, it is easy to interconnect a wide variety of analog and digital audio equipment. Finally, because it is Ethernet based, RAVE easily supports system reconfiguration and expansion with off-the-shelf networking components. Reduce installation costs - replace up to 64 analog lines, conduit, isolation transformers, and distribution amplifiers with a single CAT-5 cable or fiber. It has superior audio quality - up to 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio resolution system-wide, immune to ground loops or EMI. Greater flexibility - expand the system or re-route signals without rewiring. Each RAVE unit handles 16 audio channels - in either analog or digital AES/EBU format, depending on the model. More audio channels can be added to a network using additional RAVE units and inexpensive Fast Ethernet hardware such as switches, repeaters, and standard CAT-5 and fiber-optic cable (with the use of media converters). RAVE devices route the audio signals over a standard Fast Ethernet network to the signal processors (such as the DSP-3 devices) and the amplifiers.