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Flasher DMX 1.5

Flasher DMX 1.5

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by SGM in Lighting & Effects \ Strobes
ID: 126386 | Region: US - Southwest
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Flasher DMX 1.5 is a professional strobe light that has a 1,500W xenon lamp with exceptional luminous power. Fitted in a sturdy powder-finish metal container, Flasher DMX 1.5 is built to ensure reliability under even the most extreme conditions. It operat...
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2 Available


Flasher DMX 1.5 is a professional stroboscopic projector equipped with a 1.500W xenon lamp with exceptional light output. Housed in a sturdy metal container painted with epoxy powders, Flasher II DMX 1.5 is built in compliance with CEe standards and subjected to very strict tests that guarantee reliability in the most extreme conditions. The main functions of Flasher DMX 1.5 can be remotely controlled using the DMX Smart Control command.