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DXC-D35 Video Camera

DXC-D35 Video Camera

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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Cameras
ID: 97508 | Region: US - Southwest
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Sony DXC-D35WS. Quality preowned equipment from a regional AV / Event Company. All gear has been professionally maintained and tested before shipping....
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DXC-D35 series feature a new Prism Assembly, new Pre Amplifiers, new DSP Software and a new Digital Encoder resulting in astounding performance.The DXC-D35/D35WSL camera fully interfaces with Sony's CCU-TX7 Wideband Component Triax System and can be remotely switched between 16:9 and 4:3 (WS) aspect ratios via the RCP-TX7 remote control panel, or by RS-232 control. It provides 8 set-up files (3 user) as a stand alone. 16 additional scene files (all user settable) available when combined with the RCP-TX7 remote control panel. DXC-D35/D35WSL docks to DSR-1 DVCAM and DNV-5 Betacam SX recorders for digital video recording, or PVV3 and BVV-5 Betacam SP recorder for analog recording. It shares most accessories with DXC-D30 series.