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PVW-2650 Beta Deck

PVW-2650 Beta Deck

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by Sony in Video Equipment \ Recording and Playback
ID: 133732 | Region: US - Southeast
Condition: Fair | Warranty: Factory
Compatible with BVW series Betacam SP Products and peripherals make it an easy way to upgrade systems.  It features built-in TBC, built-in TC generator/reader, full editing control facility.  (0 Min record/playback, 24 times picture search, RS-422 remote...
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Well-equipped for industrial and corporate production environments, this Betacam SP player with Dynamic Tracking is a pleasure to work with. The dynamic tracking function, originated by Sony, distinguishes the PVW2650 by providing noiseless playback at -1 to +3 times normal speed. With advanced features such as built-in TBC and time code reader, 90 min. playback, 24 times picture search (35x without picture lock), RS-422 remote interface, Y/C output, component video with Y, R-Y, B-Y signal output through either 12-pin dub or 3 BNC connectors and composite output, the PVW2650 can be easily integrated into a range of editing systems.