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SR2050 Twin IEM Audio Transmitter

SR2050 Twin IEM Audio Transmitter

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by Sennheiser in Pro Audio \ Communication Components
ID: 122245 | Region: Europe
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Sennheiser SR2050 IEM BW-GW-CW Set includes: - 1 Sennheiser SR2050 double transmitter - 2 Sennheiser EK2000 beltpack receiver good condition, BW Frequency range: 626-698 Mhz, 14 set av. GW Frequency range: 558-626 Mhz, 17 set av. CW Frequency range: 718-7...
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The SR 2050 from Sennheiser is a professional-quality twin audio transmitter that offers terrific reliability and versatility in a rugged 1RU metal chassis. Ideal for IEM use, each transmitter in the the SR 2050 provides you with 26 frequency banks, each with up to 32 selectable channels, providing you with plenty of choices to find a clear, interference-free signal. Switchable RF output powers of 10, 30, 50, and 100mW provide additional versatility. 

The system features a 5-band graphic EQ to shape the audio signal. Audio receiver can be configured directly from the transmitter menu, and can be synchronized using the infrared interface. The user-friendly menu features a 2-color backlit graphic display, and provides easy monitoring and control with the Sennheiser WSM PC software. Ethernet connections allow you to link the transmitter to other Sennheiser components over a network. The transmitter also has pilot tone transmission for interference-free operation, and an adjustable headphone connection for monitoring. 

  • Rugged 1RU metal housing with integrated power supply
  • Choose from up to 3000 frequencies in a 75MHz range, including 26 banks with 32 channels each and frequency settings in 25kHz steps
  • Switchable RF output power for additional flexibility
  • Enhanced frequency response for additional bass
  • Built-in 5-band graphic EQ allows you to shape audio
  • Receivers can be configured from the transmitter menu and synchronized via the infrared interface
  • Easy-to-use WSM PC software for monitoring and control
  • Ethernet connectivity allows you to connect compatible Sennheiser components over a network
  • Intuitive interface with a 2-color backlit graphic display
  • Pilot tone transmission ensures interference-free operation
  • Adjustable headphone connection