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Rear Projection Mirror

Rear Projection Mirror

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Rear Projection Mirror
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by Stewart in Video Equipment \ Projection Screens
ID: 34111 | Region: US - Southeast
Condition: Good | Warranty: 48 Hours
Here is something that doesn't come along every day. This is a Stewart ultra short throw bounce mirror for large format video projectors. These are sometimes referred to as an "OptiKong". Unit comes with a fully adjustable mount and a mounted fi...
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The OptaKong Mirror System is a rear projection mirror assembly, which facilitates the folding of projection image paths to reduce the amount of space required for rear projection installations. The OptaKong is also available with dual mirrors for increased reduction.

As with all of Stewart products, the OptaKong is a custom built for use within virtually any projection system. The OptaKong consist of a first-surface 94% reflective glass mirror that is shipped pre-framed along with a sturdy, rigid, lightweight aluminum frame structure and base which allows for easy assembly and installation.

• Features a first surface 94% reflective glass mirror that is shipped pre-framed as a complete system
• It also includes a pivotal mount customized for virtually any projection system, which is easy to assemble and made of lightweight aluminum mounts