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Tri Motion Three-way bi-amped Sculpted Loudspeaker Array

Tri Motion Three-way bi-amped Sculpted Loudspeaker Array

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by Void Acoustics in Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered
ID: 127974 | Region: Asia
Condition: Excellent | Warranty: 48 Hours
VOID Acoustics Complete System Package Item no. Model Description QTY 1 TRI-MOTION (PINK) 3 WAY INSTALL MID HI BOX 1x15"LF, 1x8"MF, 1x1.5"HF 4 2 STASYS XV2 VERY HIGH OUTPUT TOURING BASS - 2x18" LF 2 3 BIAS V9 POWER AMPLIFIER W...
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Building on the successful acoustic and visual philosophy of the iconic Air Motion, the smaller and even more daring Tri Motion extends those principles further, allowing an even larger audience to savour the Void experience.

The Tri Motion satisfies the demand for higher SPLs and more diversified looks, and the rethink on form has also allowed for wider horizontal dispersion and asymmetrical vertical pattern control, giving further coverage and reducing early reflections from ceilings to provide higher fidelity. The extra horsepower is generated by a larger low frequency transducer and super-efficient mid-hi section.

Choose to fly the Tri Motion using either: the proprietary integral flying and mounting system; or via an optional floor or low frequency enclosure mounted ground support system, forming a completely stable and correctly angled audio point source. Perfect for the larger venue requiring cutting-edge performance, together with art gallery aesthetics, Tri Motion’s creation stems from years of pushing both sonic and creative frontiers.