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Lighting & Effects

Request Quantity Price Need By  
High End Hog 3 USB Playback Wing 1 $1,200.00 2019-03-26 Suggest
Looking for some Martin Rush 5x5. Would like 4, but willing to do more or less for right price. 4 $200.00 2019-04-30 Suggest
I am looking for the Altman 4.5in x 6.5in lens barrels for the 360Q ERS. Not the fixture, just the lens unit. Thanks! 20 $30.00 2019-05-01 Suggest
Martin Mac Tw1 80v in dual roadcases 24 $250.00 2019-09-01 Suggest

Pro Audio

Request Quantity Price Need By  
Looking for 2 X JBL VT4888SF Short Frame Rigging Bars. 2 $700.00 2019-04-03 Suggest
I need 1 or 2 Sennheiser SK300 G2 band A transmitter belt packs. 2 $200.00 2019-04-30 Suggest
DBH218 SH96 SH46 TH 118 1 $15,000.00 2019-05-30 Suggest
Looking for 4 or more Renkus Heinz PN102-LA line array cabinets to finish out my set. Flying hardware a big plus! 4 $800.00 2019-06-02 Suggest

Staging, Trussing & Rigging

Request Quantity Price Need By  
Looking for 8' or 10' Black Tyler Truss GT with carts. 12 $1,000.00 2019-03-29 Suggest
8 x Half ton F, 60' lift, soco 7 or twist w/cases, Fly Cables and motor control. 1 $16,000.00 2019-04-05 Suggest
Stageline SL100 1 $75,000.00 2019-04-06 Suggest


Request Quantity Price Need By  
Searching for 3x PowerHOUSE Pagoda 100 Amp 3 Phase portable power distribution box $1,000 per unit Distribution Box, LEX Pagoda, 100Amp 3Ø to (15) 20 Amp Duplex, Outdoor, Straight (Male) Ground/ Neutral Input NEMA 3 for Outdoor Use 3 $3,000.00 2019-04-12 Suggest
Searching for 3x Outdoor Company Switch with Series 16 Cam-Lok Receptacle – 100 Amp $1,500 per unit Series 16 Cam receptacles 100A. Main breaker rated 65K AIC Outdoor version 3 $4,500.00 2019-04-12 Suggest