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Lighting & Effects

Request Quantity Price Need By  
LX control console 1 $264.08 2020-02-22 Suggest
ETC Express NET1 Remote Video Interface 1 $50.00 2020-03-03 Suggest
Leprecon MX-2400 or VX-2400 Dimmer Packs with Edison Outputs. 2 $1,500.00 2020-03-08 Suggest
Syncrolite XL or SXL 7k 1 $2,000.00 2020-03-31 Suggest

Pro Audio

Request Quantity Price Need By  
TX9S 2x18in passive subwoofer TX8 Yorkville 1 $1,200.00 2020-02-25 Suggest
Shure P10TR425CL-J8 PSM1000 personal monitor system, 2 channel transmitters, belt pack receivers, J-8 group. 1 $2,500.00 2020-02-28 Suggest
Nexo Geo S8 legs for ground stacking. Looking for a pair. 2 $124.00 2020-03-08 Suggest
Looking for 2 Crown I-Tech HD5000 amps, as well as 1 Lake LM44 audio processor. 2 $5,000.00 2020-03-08 Suggest
Looking to buy Yamaha LS9-16 5 $1,150.00 2020-03-09 Suggest
Looking to buy XTA DP 226 20 $450.00 2020-03-09 Suggest
Looking for (4) four RCF NXL23A line array speakers in good physical and working condition. Willing to pay slightly more for units that are in excellent condition. Units would need to be shipped. 4 $5,500.00 2020-03-31 Suggest
Looking for a L'Acoustic 115b stereo Controller. LLC115b-st 1 $250.00 2020-04-08 Suggest
Meyer Sound PSW-2 Subwoofer 1 $1,200.00 2020-04-22 Suggest
xlc215 compact line array 2 $2,000.00 2020-06-30 Suggest
Crown PSL-2 Preamplifier 1 $800.00 2020-08-31 Suggest
Looking for a case with dog house for a 32 channel Soundcraft k2 mixer. 1 $500.00 2020-12-31 Suggest

Staging, Trussing & Rigging

Request Quantity Price Need By  
2 CM Prostar 1/4 ton single phase hoist with 40 to 60 feet of chain with pickles 1 $1,000.00 2020-03-08 Suggest
Stageline SL320 mobile stage trailer 1 $100,000.00 2021-01-01 Suggest


Request Quantity Price Need By  
Tempest 2400 Digital Wireless System beltpack 3 $350.00 2020-03-08 Suggest