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NeedZone – how it works:


If you are a Buyer, here's how to submit a Request for an item(s) you are looking for...

  1. Click Request an Item below and enter the item information, the price you want to pay and the timeframe. GearSource® site will immediately display the request online and our team will begin sourcing the item.

  2. As soon as the item is available, you will receive an email notification in one of 2 ways:
    a. a GearSource® seller will be alerted to the NeedZone post and will suggest an item from their inventory; or 
    b. if your timeline is immediate…you will receive a direct email or phone call from a GearSource® team member.

If you are a seller and have any of these items to sell...

  1. make sure you have a current, up-to-date registration on®  
  2. from the NeedZone item, click Suggest Item
  3. select one of your listings from the dropdown or click Add a Listing to enter a new one and then click Submit.
  4. If you need help at any time, contact or call +1-866-669-4327. 

It's that simple.  

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Request an Item

Lighting & Effects

Request Quantity Price Need By  
Martin Mac Tw1 80v in dual roadcases 24 $250.00 2019-09-01 Suggest
Used ETC CEM+ 1 $400.00 2019-12-01 Suggest
ETC Cobalt Motorized Fader Wing New or gently used is fine. 1 $1.00 2019-12-31 Suggest

Pro Audio

Request Quantity Price Need By  
DBH218 SH96 SH46 TH 118 1 $15,000.00 2019-05-30 Suggest
Looking for 4 or more Renkus Heinz PN102-LA line array cabinets to finish out my set. Flying hardware a big plus! 4 $800.00 2019-06-02 Suggest

Staging, Trussing & Rigging

Request Quantity Price Need By  
Looking for BilJax stage legs, no rubber feet needed, 21" fixed steel legs only. 20 $15.00 2019-06-02 Suggest