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GearSource GSiQ Pricing Tool

In light of the rapidly evolving pre-owned gear industry,® created a new, innovative way to quickly determine the value of listings. We call it GSiQ®!

This innovative technology gives users access to our vast database by producing suggested best-pricing ranges, based on the actual historical listing numbers. It enables a seller to deliver more realistic pricing, making their listings more appealing and price-competitive for buyers.®,®, and® are FIRST to introduce automated pricing guidance on pre-owned equipment. GSiQ® provides "real-time" suggested pricing of pre owned equipment, based on the condition.

How does it work? It's very simple, actually...

  • the pricing tool is based on the Condition of the item 
  • once a Condition is selected, “Suggested List” & “Last Sold For” values display in Pricing section 
  • real-time data - using the latest up-to-date information on an item
  • pricing tool also available when "editing" existing listings
  • pricing tool is available on the Listing App
  • effective and simple way to help you price your gear to sell.

Time is money and GearSource GSiQ® was developed specifically to give Vendors an accurate idea of pricing, quickly and simply during the listing process, without having to spend time doing research to try to figure out the right price. By cultivating the data we already have and inserting it into the listing, Vendors can set a "fair" price that ensures their items will sell more quickly. And THAT's the #1 benefit of using GSiQ® – the buyers it will attract because it is priced right.

GearSource® GSiQ pricing tool